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There are plenty of people out there trying to call the market, but no-one is getting it right like you. It is clear you have an instinctive uderstanding of the market and I find your newsletter a very interesting read for its social and economic commentary as well as the market pieces.
- DB

I greatly appreciate the advantage you give me by allowing free access to your market & economy thoughts, comments, and prognostics. I find them very useful and a great guide to strategy. Especially appreciated is the down-to-earth tone that comes across as if you were discussing a topic with a friend. I look forward to each edition. - WM, Mississippi

I received several letters, memos, emails and newsletters a day regarding the Stock Market, the only one I read is from Trader Review. The predictive accuracy of recommendations of stocks and commodities is almost always right on the money!
Best regards - GSS 

I read your commentary every time it is published. I respect what you have to say and have shared your comments with others. There are four or five people (sites) whose comments I trust, and frankly, you’re at the top of that list.
- AM, Texas 

You really know your stuff and I love how multi-layered and cohesive your analysis is. You use technical, fundamental thematic, psychological and plain common sense in your analysis. You make bold predictions that are correct with a surprising frequency.

Of all the news letters that read free or paid this one stands out clearly for its excellent technical analysis and catching the tops and bottoms almost all the time. I have been enjoying reading your news letter for the past nine months and its amazing to see how almost all the calls are right on the target. Keep up the good work.  - SK, WI


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San Diego, CA